I had the strangest dream last night. I rarely dream and last night had been particularly negative as I tried to fall asleep. But my mind invented the strangest scenario to put a hate in me at ease I didn’t realize I was still carrying with me.

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I thought my seasonal allergies had finally lifted their curse from my life, but ragweed season is here to crush my head from the inside out again.

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When I’m tired, I’m tired of all these streets, all these houses, all these people and their distractions. I experience an exhaustion fueled by everything wasted.

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yep, no problems here!

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Do you wanna build a hu-man?



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More adult women (36%) actually play games than young men (17%) and this trend has been increasing incrementally since 2005.

-ESA survey

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August is almost over, this is a sad thing.

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I saw a pokémon eating poutine, with a chainsaw…

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