When I’m tired, I’m tired of all these streets, all these houses, all these people and their distractions. I experience an exhaustion fueled by everything wasted.

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yep, no problems here!

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Do you wanna build a hu-man?



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More adult women (36%) actually play games than young men (17%) and this trend has been increasing incrementally since 2005.

-ESA survey

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August is almost over, this is a sad thing.

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I saw a pokémon eating poutine, with a chainsaw…

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What an amazing con. My legs are dead but my heart is full of all the beautiful music, costumes, and people from the weekend. Shout out to all the Elizabeths and other Bioshock cosplayers you are all radical. Lots of love~

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Not happy with the vest in green, good thing I have extra time to dye it again right, right hahahahaha

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