Last night one of my male friends approached me exclaiming “Oh I’ve got it! You’re a woman you must have body spray can I borrow some for a second?” to which I replied. “No dear, your premise is false, I am not a woman, I do not own nor carry body spray” and was met with an agonizing grunt of defeat. 

“ As we are all surely aware, we now face the most ominous decisions in human history. There are many problems that must be addressed, but two are overwhelming in their significance: environmental destruction and nuclear war. For the first time in history, we face the possibility of destroying the prospects for decent existence — and not in the distant future. For this reason alone, it is imperative to sweep away the ideological clouds and face honestly and realistically the question of how policy decisions are made, and what we can do to alter them before it is too late. ”

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Hello, dear followers. Hope you’re having a good day. And even if you aren’t, grab a cup of coffee/tea or a scoop of ice cream, a blanket, a book or a movie, or however you prepare for an emotional storm, and ride it out as best you can.

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